Ranch To Table: A TV Show That's Peak #Ranchcore

Sat, Apr 02, 2022

I subscribed to Discovery+ when Magnolia Network first launched to check out Chip and Joanna Gaines’s lifestyle television network. I haven’t been disappointed. Lifestyle TV has felt formulaic and stale to me for awhile now (looking at you, HGTV and Food Network). Magnolia Network has been a breath of fresh air. A show about a cut flower business? One where an artist demonstrates her painting techniques? Yes, please! The network gives a mainstream platform to creative individuals and endeavors overlooked by the legacy TV networks.

My absolute favorite show of all is Ranch To Table. The show’s host is Elizabeth Poett, a seventh-generation cattle rancher (!!) in California. Her home is Rancho San Julian, a historic cattle ranch that was part of an old Spanish land grant. Elizabeth cooks her favorite family recipes from her rustic kitchen and takes us around the 14,000-acre ranch.

I’ve been in love with New Mexico for some time now and have dreamed of buying a (non-working) ranch out west where I dabble in raising chickens. But Elizabeth Poett is no dabbler, she’s the real deal, and this show hits all the right aspirational notes for me. Is #ranchcore a thing? It should be.

Elizabeth Poett's rustic ranch kitchen

When the first season ended, I craved more ranch content. Elizabeth’s website, The Ranch Table, has gorgeous photographs from the ranch as well as a shop with rancher-approved goods, like this palm leaf hat that I desperately want. But there's not nearly enough ranch lifestyle content out there to satisfy this gal. If you have recommendations, please share!

And if, like me, you’ve caught the ranch living bug and want to recreate the vibe at home, you’ll need some art pieces that are right for the part. The good news is I’m always looking out for unique southwestern-style vintage art pieces for my print shop. Here are a few that are perfect for a dash of #ranchcore style.

Desert Cedars’ | 5x7 8x10

I love the old-timey feel of our ‘Desert Cedars’ print. It depicts a gnarled cedar tree in a bygone pen-and-ink illustration style. The original cream paper is the perfect shade for a handed-down look.

Western Waterfall’ | 8x10 9x12

This painting of a western canyon scene of a waterfall in the middle distance is awe-inspiring. And the brown and sienna tones will pick up and complement any wood tones in your floors or furniture.

Tete de Vache’ | 8x8 10x10

Our ‘Tete de Vache’ is originally a French illustration (no surprise given the title), but it would look right at home on the range as well. It features a border that’s part of the print and lends a mat-look effect.

Desert Downpour’ | 8x10 12x16

I love the drama of this vintage painting. Done in fat brushstrokes of tans, browns, blues, and greys, a huge storm looms threateningly across the mesa. Although it’s a true vintage painting, the style feels very modern and fresh as well.

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