Room Color Palette Inspiration: This 'French Girl' Vintage Painting Is All About Red, Blue, Mint, Brass

Thu, Apr 07, 2022

Color palette for little girl bedroom based on vintage painting
I've learned the hard way that it's best to start with a plan for decorating a room, instead of just ordering random things off the Internet. Chances are, those random things won't work well together, and those impulse purchases don't reflect how you really want the room to feel. I've ordered far too many things on impulse that I end up regretting, and I could've saved so much money for things that actually work. So, start with a plan!

Choosing a Color Palette

And the beginning of a plan is a color palette. "OK, how do I choose a color palette?" There are lots of ways. But I've learned that a piece of art provides a great starting point. The artist has already chosen colors that work together. So, look through some art, and if you're drawn to a particular piece, save it. The colors are speaking to you in some way. Then consider how the colors might look as the basis for a room.

For me, this approach really works. If I sit down to a blank page and try to think of coordinating colors, I'll stumble. But looking at art completely unblocks me.

Red, Blue, and Mint Palette

So I decided it would be fun to imagine room color schemes based on vintage art prints in my shop. I'm starting with 'French Girl', this lovely portrait of a young girl with a jaunty jacket and bow.

This is one of my favorite color combos; I love red and blue paired together. It's bold and oh so French. The mint background is on the border between blue and green and adds a refreshing coolness. The girl's brass buttons and the dark chair make for nice accent colors that easily translate into metallic and dark wood room accents.
I imagined a little girl's bedroom in this color scheme by pulling together furniture, soft furnishings, accents, and fabrics. This is just an illustration to show how these colors could work together; instead of a dark wood bed, you could go bold by painting a bed frame the paprika red color, for example. I've pulled these and more color-coordinated decor items together in a Pinterest board

Sources: Brass lamp | 'French Girl' painting print | Rocking horse object | Ticking stripe fabric | Four poster bed | Mint woodwork image | Nightstand | Blue floral fabric | Antique toy | Vintage books | Wood trunk

Coordinating Paint Colors

If you're looking for paint colors matching this palette, here's what I recommend:

Benjamin Moore Bold Blue

Benjamin Moore Moroccan Spice

Benjamin Moore Frosty Mint

Benjamin Moore Frosty Mint

Check out the Pinterest board I created for more inspiration in this color palette. So what do you think -- could you see yourself decorating a room in these colors? Let me know in a comment!

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