Roman Shade Inspiration Round-Up

Tue, Mar 29, 2022

One of my absolute favorite designers is Beata Heuman. Her interiors are always surprising, always unique. I don’t like things to match perfectly, and Beata’s interiors never match at all – there never seems to be a cohesive design theme – but they somehow work perfectly. She features a lot of vintage design and decor, but she doesn’t limit herself to a particular era or style.

In poring over Beata’s designs in her book Every Room Should Sing, I’ve noticed that she uses roman shades – a lot. Which I haven’t noticed as much with other designers; I feel like curtains are pretty much the standard window dressing these days.

I never would have thought to pick roman shades myself, but I’ve been inspired to order up some for my kitchen. I think they add a refinement and a little elegance with their clean lines to a space that otherwise might seem a little careworn.

Here I’ve rounded up my favorite roman shade examples (all designed by Beata Heuman!). Perhaps you might become inspired too?

Beata Heuman kids room roman shades

A delightful kids' room feat. a mustard roman shade with white ribbon trim

Beata Heuman bathroom roman shade

A bathroom feat. a green roman shade with white ribbon

Beata Heuman kitchen roman shades

A wonderful vintage kitchen with roman shades in cream and green

Beata Heuman bedroom roman shades

Another bedroom - notice how nothing explicitly "matches"

Kitchen by Beata Heuman

Another kitchen, this time the shades are done in a pattern

For more of Beata Heuman's delightful work, check out her website portfolio.

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