Printing Options

We currently offer three printing options. All options use archival, high-quality materials that balance affordability with a superior finished look.

Archival matte paper printing option vintage artwork

Archival Matte Paper

We start from a high baseline. Our standard option is made from 100% cotton archival rag fine art paper, with a weight of 300 gsm and 19.5 mil. It features a lightly textured surface and matte finish. We use a giclee printing process that applies archival inks to this archival paper.

Archival mounted printing option vintage artwork

Archival Mounted

Our next option takes the Archival Matte Paper print and applies a mounted backing to it. This results in a firm surface that can be framed without glass, or left unframed. This is our preferred option, because we like the flexibility of displaying prints without a layer of glass, which can create glares that detract from the artwork.

Archival Brushstroke

Our third option adds a hand-painted, transparent finish that mimics the look of brushstrokes. This adds yet another dimension and the artwork truly comes alive. It's difficult to capture this effect in a photo, so we've provided a video showing the way this finish captures the light. We believe this option is truly unique; we came up with the process ourselves after experimentation. This option is only available for select prints.