Styling My Fireplace Mantel for the Season

Sun, Feb 27, 2022

Fireplace mantel farmhouse style decor

Only recently have I embraced the idea of styling my home for the season. It's a simple concept, but it brings so much authenticity to the way my home feels and looks. This is an approach that doesn't resist nature, it complements it. In winter, life outdoors is dry, brittle, and fragile. It's hibernating. Bringing those textures inside creates harmony and a blurring of the separation between life outside and life within.

I started with my natural elements. I picked up these dried grasses and flowers from Terrain. They were pricey, and at first I was considering buying less expensive dried grasses from Amazon or Etsy. But it was important to me to see the pieces in person, to get a sense for their size, texture, and color. 

Once spring comes, a big challenge will be storing and keeping these dried grasses and flowers to display next winter. Given their price, I definitely want to get more than a season's use out of them.

Mantel vintage art styling decor
In winter, color is stripped from the landscape and neutral earth tones blanket the land. Because the natural elements lack color, I followed suit with the rest of my decor. I chose prints from my shop that are black-and-white and sepia toned. This vintage ink drawing of a western desert landscape (our Desert Monuments print) pairs so well with the tones of the grasses. A rustic wooden frame complements the other objects.
On the other side of the mantel, an ink drawing of a bull (our Tete de Vache vintage print) provides balance. Both of these prints have borders that are part of the print image itself and designed to appear as a mat, avoiding the need to purchase a mat separately.
Farmhouse decor living room
With the natural elements and artwork sorted, I brought in the objects. I bought many of these beautiful pieces from Habitation Boheme, which I highly recommend for well-curated vintage pieces for the home. I've been using these same objects as styling props for product photos, so they serve multiple functions! 
In the end, I'm happy with the way the mantel styling came together. I'll plan to share updates of how I swap decor in and out over the seasons.

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