10 Inspiring Red & Green Room Palettes

Tue, May 03, 2022

Ten years ago, I would've shuddered at the thought of a room done up in red and green. "Who wants Christmas year round?!" But tastes change, and now my favorite interiors have red and green schemes. I find the combination rich and energizing.

I'm putting together a design plan for our guest bedroom, which doubles as my home office. I won't say I'm "redesigning" this room, because it was never designed in the first place. Since it's a blank slate, it's perfect for making my red and green dreams come true. But I'm still plagued by indecision, because there are so many different directions to go! Mint green and orange-red. Emerald green and cherry. Celery and... whatever. You get the idea.

I know that I want to paint the walls green, and use red mostly in the soft furnishings -- curtains, pillows, bedding. (Don't get me started on how hard it is to choose a decorating fabric. There are millions to choose from online, and after spending hours scouring, the ones I like best are (1) only available in the UK, and/or (2) only available "to the trade," which is among my least favorite phrases). Current progress: I've ordered some paint samples and some fabric samples, which are in various stages of shipment.

In the meantime, I've gathered a lot of inspiration photos to share, whether you also love this color combination or still need some convincing. I've also rounded up some of my shop's vintage prints that would look lovely with this scheme. 

A room at the Mitre Hampton Court

Matilda Goad's kitchen

Via Pinterest; original source unknown

An office by Beata Heuman; paint color is Farrow & Ball's Red Earth

Richly hued apartment by Marie-Anne Oudejans

Beata HeumanAnother room by Beata Heuman (she uses these colors a lot!)

Alice Palmer's living room

Hall design by Meta Coleman

Via Pinterest; original source unknown

Via Pinterest; original source unknown


Coordinating Vintage Prints from Our Shop

And here are some of our vintage prints that would perfectly complement this scheme, offered in standard art sizes and multiple printing options:

'Flower Festival' Print

'Riding Party' Print

'Poppies' Print

'French Seaside' Print

'California Foothills' Print

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