Shop Obsession: The Pattern Collective

Thu, Apr 28, 2022

I stumbled across fabric by The Pattern Collective on Pinterest and immediately clicked through to their shop website. A weird thing about me is that I can spend a shameful amount of time looking at fabric and wallpaper, for no particular reason other than I just like looking at it? Anyway, The Pattern Collective’s website has a ton of fabric and wallpaper to look through, and needless to say I stopped and stayed awhile.

It feels like the same wallpaper makes the rounds through Pinterest and Instagram. I love William Morris, don’t get me wrong, but Willow Boughs is everywhere. What I like about The Pattern Collective, aside from their A+ taste, is that the designs feel fresh. I haven’t seen these wallpapers and fabrics before. So if you’re looking for something unique, I highly encourage you to check them out! (They’re also based in New Orleans, my hometown!)

I’ve collected some of my mouth-watering favorites below. I wish I had a house with a zillion rooms so I could wallpaper them all (and endless money of course – wallpaper is expensive!). If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out my Decorating Fabrics and Decorating with Wallpaper boards on Pinterest.

Edelweiss, Rose Taupe wallpaper

Gang Gang Cockatoo, Red & Off White wallpaper
Gang Gang Cockatoo, Red & Off White wallpaper

Halcyon Days, True Blue wallpaper

Poppi, Peaches wallpaper The Pattern CollectivePoppi, Peaches wallpaper

Seaport Plaid, Cream wallpaper The Pattern CollectiveSeaport Plaid, Cream wallpaper

Backyard Flowering, Ether Blue wallpaper Pattern Collective MINDTHEGAPBackyard Flowering, Ether Blue wallpaper

Contour, Gold wallpaper
Contour, Gold wallpaper

Roll Right, Gold on Blue wallpaperRoll Right, Gold on Blue wallpaper

Which is your favorite? I love them all but my favorite is Poppies. It's so, so beautiful.

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